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SmartEEs Debuts at LOPEC

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On 23 March, 2022, SmartEEs debuts on a fitting stage: the Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention (LOPEC)! A SmartEEs booth displayed the new European Flexible and Wearable Electronics Association alongside successful demonstrators and catalogues of the impressive SmartEEs Marketplace.

SmartEEs booth at LOPEC with members of the team
Members of the SmartEEs team at its LOPEC booth
Left to right: António Marques (CeNTI), Claudia Simão (Eurecat), Astrid Mirabito (AMIRES), Dominik Gronarz (OES), Jane Judge (SmartEEs), Jonas Jung (OES), Bastien Hualpa De Schuyter (Minalogic), Cristina Casellas Coll (Eurecat), Marco Stella (Eurecat), and Jérôme Gavillet (CEA-LETI)

SmartEEs Booth

The SmartEEs booth embodied the idea behind the new association: continuation of the successes of the Horizon 2020-funded project through expanding the Flexible and Wearable Electronics ecosystem in Europe. To the left, visitors could see examples of Application Experiments funded by the project, while colorful catalogues of the technical offerings brought together in the marketplace enticed passers-by from atop the cabinet on the right. Visitors could register on-site for the association newsletter as well as the marketplace. Companies with solutions that incorporate flexible and/or wearable electronics are more than welcome to add their technical and business offerings to the SmartEEs catalogue.

Full-Day Workshop

Meanwhile, project partner CeNTI organized a full-day workshop to disseminate results of 11 Flexible and Wearable Electronics experiments financed by SmartEEs. SME beneficiaries had the chance to present the fruits of their labor in-person. (Read more about the workshop and the SME beneficiaries here.) Attendees also took virtual tours of the SmartEEs research and technology partners – something you can do, too!

Further at LOPEC

Several SmartEEs project partners and founding members of the association had their own booths at LOPEC. Members of the teams enjoyed finally being able to meet in person, as well as the vibrant atmosphere present at the trade fair. Connections to other exhibitors helped raise awareness of the association and emphasized its collaborative nature. Moreover, team members engaged with technological and market watch trends through the LOPEC conference, which took place simultaneous to the exhibition. All in all, an excellent debut for SmartEEs!

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