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Skills & Training


We help our members find the right training courses for them, from introductions to specific applications – such as smart textiles. Our marketplace includes a selection of classes members can take advantage of, while we also bring our members in touch with third-party classes relevant to the FWE market.

Additional third-party fees may apply for some classes.


A virtual community where members can showcase skills & technologies, and find partners. 

Through the SmartEEs project that created this association, we have built an expansive marketplace that bring together technical solutions, business development help, and community shared information for the Flexible & Wearable Electronics ecosystem. Only members will have full access after 1 January 2023.  Check out the business and technical marketplaces here.

Innovation ecosystem

Matchmaking and Business Development Events

Bringing together actors to build collaborations, connecting technology and applications to each other.

Check out our Matchmaking Sessions here.

Open Innovation Events

Large companies looking for niche solutions. We facilitate the opportunity for our members to engage with Open Innovation competitions from larger companies in the ecosystem and beyond.

Additional third-party fees may be applicable to some Open Innovation concepts.

Exclusive News & Content
Be the first to hear about FWE technology innovations from our innovation and research partners. Access a library of resources such as white papers and reports available only to our members.
Awareness Creation
You benefit from our power: we disseminate information about FWE technology in order to broaden markets and create business opportunities for our members.

Test Before invest

R&D&I Projects/Tech Transfer

Our members enjoy opportunities to interact with cutting-edge innovation and research activities through our Research and Academic Institution members.

Additional third-party costs can apply.

Support for Investment

Public Funding

We maintain an updated list of relevant public funding calls, and are happy to guide members to help in harnessing public opportunities. Our marketplace also helps members find partners necessary for applying to public funding consortia.

Private Funding

Through our partners, our members gain access to networks designed to help small and medium enterprises find and secure private funding.

Additional third-party costs can apply.


Our annual membership fees are based on your sector and how big your company is. That way, you can join no matter your size!

Reach out using the form below to see how we can bring value to your company!

(Hubs, Cluster Organizations)
>100Mio EUR TO
10.000 EUR annually University 1.000 EUR annually Large
> 10 staff
2.000 EUR annually
> 250 staff
7.000 EUR annually Research institute
R&D provider
3.500 EUR annually Small
< 10 staff
1.000 EUR annually
50 - 250 staff
4.000 EUR annually
10-50 staff
2.000 EUR annually
1-10 staff
1.000 EUR annually
*max 2 years est.
500 EUR annually

We use the EU definitions for industry company sizes, which you can consult at the EU website or by downloading this pdf from the EU Commission. These measures take staffing numbers as well as annual turnover and balance sheets into account. For simplicity’s sake, we have only listed staffing numbers in the above table.


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