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EU-wide network in the field of Flexible & Wearable Electronics


Innovation ecosystem

Matchmaking and business development events, Open Innovation Events, News about FWE, and active dissemination to create awareness

Skills & Training

Masterclasses to help you grow your business and/or technical know-how. A marketplace full of skills, trainings, and technologies to find just the right partner.

Support for investment

Finding & creating public funding opportunities (including EU calls and projects) as well as access to help with private funding

Test Before invest

R&D&I Projects and Tech Transfer opportunities to interact with cutting-edge innovation institutions

why smartEEs

Bringing innovation to market

Our mission is to breed a new European industry, by fostering, giving access to, and improving connections within an emerging Flexible & Wearable Electronics European ecosystem, facilitating the efficient adoption and transformation of FWE technologies into business and concrete market cases.

We provide access to new business opportunities (for tech providers) and high value integrated innovation services (to application sectors) in an affordable manner, across regions and countries in Europe, along with the skills to use digital technologies.

A succesful track record

Over the course of two successful European projects, SmartEEs has supported European SME and Mid-Cap companies in experimenting with Flexible & Wearable Electronics technologies through Application Experiments (AEs) – a test before invest experience to promote the uptake of FWE technologies and adoption by industrial actors. The projects selected cases on the basis of disruptive product ideas and business potential in the areas of their choice, whether medical & health, textiles, sports, consumer electronics, packaging & logistics, safety & security, energy, or any other. A total of 44 experiments were selected and are being delivered during the 2021-22 period, supported by 2.84M€ worth of cascade funding. This portfolio clearly demonstrates the capability of the European FWE community to deliver unique and integrated innovation services in order to accelerate the digitization various sectors of application.

why join smartEES?

impact on EU level

EU-wide networking and a focus on EU-level markets and policy are baked into the SmartEEs concept.

top players on board

Europe’s leading research and technology institutions form the backbone of the SmartEEs ecosystem.

total value chain

From world-class research institutions to clusters focused on application markets, SmartEEs encompasses all aspects of the FWE value chain.

focus on go-to-market

With research and experimentation already completed, SmartEEs is focused on bringing FWE solutions to the market, contributing to Europe’s digital transformation.

proven track record

Through two Horizon 2020 EU-funded projects, the consortium behind SmartEEs already has a comprehensive portfolio of digital application experiments.

Discover the players


Through the SmartEEs project that created this association, we have built an expansive marketplace that bring together technical solutions, business development help, and community shared information for the Flexible & Wearable Electronics ecosystem.

We grew out of EU funding

The SmartEEs Association is the sustainable result of the SmartEEs projects, which received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements No. 761496 and No. 872076. You can consult the project website here: https://smartees.eu/