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Flexible Wearable Adaptable International Digital a Network

Flexible Wearable Adaptable International Digital a Network


driving a digital transformation

The core business of SmartEEs is to make the digital transformation work for people and businesses, with an active underlying attention to contributing to a greener Europe. Our main goal is to promote digital competitiveness in, among other areas, human capital, broadband connectivity, and the integration of key digital technologies by businesses and digital public services.

Fully digitizing society is necessary for a sustainable shift toward an inclusive, equitable, and healthy society. In order to attain such fully digitized society, electronics have to conform to things: living and nonliving. Herein lies the value of flexible and wearable electronics (FWE) and the promise of a significant industry to be. Integrating FWE solutions into as many sectors as possible will assist in areas as diverse as improving health care, optimizing city life, and enhancing food traceability.

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European Industries accelerate their digital transition by engaging in the growing flexible and wearable electronics (FWE) ecosystem. We bring together technology, business strategy and support, and community building.

Through the SmartEEs project that created this association, we have built an expansive marketplace to provide access to new business opportunities (for tech providers) and high value integrated innovation services (to sectors) in an affordable manner, across regions and countries in Europe, along with the skills to use digital technologies.

The core business of SmartEEs is to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the European FWE innovation ecosystem. Inspired by the pioneering business exploration by early adopters, now even more companies and people can extend FWE adoption to more and new businesses and markets, thereby reaching critical momentum for substantial and long-term commercial and economic impacts.


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